Like any household necessity, it’s a must for every household to own a cylinder of cooking gas. The cylinder cooking gas comes in a variety of colours, ranging from bright green to blue, and for many Malaysians, the yellow-coloured cylinder gas sparks nostalgic memories.

It might sound odd to hear that a cylinder of cooking gas can bring families together. Unquestionably, cooking gas is required for cooking, and food is an essential part of any family. Through food, families are able to share stories and bond with each other over meals enjoyed together. Cooking is also a fun and exciting activity, especially when it’s done with the people you love. When a family gathers in the kitchen to whip up a meal that they enjoy eating together over festivities, long-lasting memories are created. When you’re older and reflect back on your childhood, you’ll remember the good times with your family aided through the medium of food. In a way, a mighty cylinder of cooking gas delivery can indirectly foster family togetherness, which is why it is crucial to find a good cooking gas delivery service. There are a number of companies offering the same cooking gas delivery services out there. But for something so everyday, what makes a cooking gas delivery service good?

Cooking Gas Price in Malaysia

Did you know that the price of cooking gas in Malaysia is controlled by the government? Well, most people don’t know about that. According to the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act in 2015, the Malaysian government has determined the price of each cooking gas according to its cylinder size. However, the price set by the government does not include delivery services, which allows businesses to add additional charges for delivery purposes. As consumers, we should be aware of the initial price to avoid unreasonable charges by gas companies. The following are the prices stated by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. 

10 KG – RM 19.00

12 KG – RM 22.80

14 KG – RM 26.60

Naturally, all gas companies will follow the prices stated above if you buy directly from the stores. However, getting it delivered directly to your house is another story. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right cooking gas service for you.

Choosing the Best Cooking Gas Delivery Service

The cost of delivery is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cooking gas delivery service. Unquestionably, the further the gas dealer is from your house, the more expensive the delivery fee will be. Therefore, keep in mind to find a cooking gas provider that is close to your house in order to save costs on delivery. With a company that has more than 60 dealers under its umbrella like MiraGas, you will not have to worry about costly delivery fees anymore. All you need to do is just choose a dealer that is nearest to you and the rest will be taken care of.

But that’s not all! Different people have varying preferences regarding the size of the cooking gas cylinder to cater to their own needs. Hence, it would be ideal if the cooking gas dealer had a few size options to choose from. For instance, a person who runs a cafeteria might require a larger gas cylinder than a family of four. MiraGas offers two sizes of gas cylinders, which are the MiraGas 10 kg and the MiraGas 14 kg. In case of any big family gatherings or any events that will use more cooking gas, you can always get the MiraGas 14kg. 

Aside from that, you also need to consider finding a cooking gas company that provides basic safety procedures in the case of any unforeseen incidents. On the news, we’ve all aware of the risk of cooking gas leaks. Yet, we are still not fully informed about the issue. Learning about the precautions can save you and your family from harm, as the gas itself can be very toxic to the human body. On that account, precautions from the gas company can be great insurance for you and your family. While many cooking gas companies do not address this concern to fully inform and educate their customers, MiraGas provides you with thorough safety instructions to keep potential threats away from your family which are available on their website.

Looking for Cooking Gas Delivery?

For the past years, MiraGas has always been there for all Malaysians, offering cooking gas delivery services for your family needs. Our iconic yellow gas cylinders evoke many memories for generations and will continue to be your family’s secret recipe to togetherness. To get the cooking gas delivered to your house, all you need is to fill in the details on our website and we will gladly pair you with the nearest MiraMan. Alternatively, you can also give our MiraMan a call yourself as all contacts are available on the website.

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